On December 05, 2018, President of KYOEI STEEL LTD., Japan – the majority shareholder of Thi Vai Port Co., Ltd (TVP), Mr. Yasuyuki Hirotomi officially visited TVP. He expressed his happiness to meet and have an opportunity to share his message to all staff of TVP. Hereafter is his speech:


Hello Everyone!


My name is Yasuyuki Hirotomi. Since June of this year, I have been the President of KYOEI STEEL LTD. Today, I am very happy to meet the staff of TVP and have the opportunity to send you my message. I would like to sincerely thank all of you for your hard work everyday in such a fierce competitive environment for the future of TVP in particular and for KYOEI Group in general.


TVP has been put into operation since January of this year after 20 years from the first day of establishment in 1997. Although it is less than a year from the date of commencement of operation, we can see that TVP has been gradually grown so that it can gradually gain profits. This is a priceless gift from all of you who have been here today. From my bottom heart, I sincerely thank you all.


In October of this year, Mr. Akio Miyamura took over the position of General Director of TVP and together with the management of the new General Director, we decided to look towards new development with new goals. Regarding the internal changes and reforms that have been done since the last 2 months, I have received the report and I hope you understand that these internal changes and reforms are intended to make TVP more developed. And we are looking forward to the cooperation of all of you. TVP is a company in which KYOEI STEEL LTD. holds 53% shares. Thus, TVP is a subsidiary of a corporation that has been posted on the Japanese stock market and has been engaged in steel production business activities in Japan, Vietnam, USA and the world. Therefore, TVP needs to seriously implement changes and reforms to bring positive results for the company. Please do your best to let customers choose TVP is the number one port in Cai Mep - Thi Vai area. I expect that result from you.



Next, I would like to give 5 requests to you:



The first thing you need to remember is safety in work. The main staff is the treasure in the production of KYOEI Group. Our staff and families, if you got injuries, your life and future would be stripped away. This is the greatest pain for our management team. That is what we don't want to happen most. KYOEI STEEL LTD. is a company specializing in the production of iron and steel, therefore we aim to not have any incidents or accidents that occur not only at the factories in Japan, but in all other overseas companies also. Production and profit are very important, but the most important is labor safety. I want you - operators of TVP to put the safety of yourself and others first. KYOEI STEEL LTD. has gone through a lot of sad events throughout its 70 years of history. Therefore, different processes and work rules are summarized and created based on the experiences of previous failures and sad events. "If I am OK, it is enough," is the scariest invitation for sad events and no one wants most. Therefore, I urge you to put safety not only for yourself but also for others at the top of your daily work.



Obeying and protecting the law are obvious but the goal of KYOEI Group is to be a leading company with a top management system that is also important but the others look at your effort and good progress at work, not breaking the law, being ethical at work is the most important thing. I hope you don't do the following: Not obeying the rules, stealing, lying, receiving bribes and giving bribes, prioritizing your own interests, doing illegal things. In daily tasks, when you face with problems at work, please show and seek advice from your superiors, always following the rules to do all the daily tasks.

      Efforts to improve and increase productivity and profits

I want you to work with the best performance to achieve good results. For example, reducing the cost of daily jobs or thinking about how to increase the number of customers for the company. I hope you are always aware and thinking for the company, always honest and do good things for the company. Besides TVP, VINA KYOEI STEEL CO., LTD. (VKS) is also a subsidiary of KYOEI Group, at the time VKS was established, we were thinking that we should ensure there is a port near VKS to transport and supply scrap steel to the company. And since TVP and VKS are both subsidiaries of KYOEI Group, the issues related to handling of scrap steel for VKS will be prioritized first. However, TVP is a general cargo port, while SSC Port, a subsidiary of Vietnam Steel Corporation, is a specialized port of Vietnam Steel Corporation. Therefore, TVP is different from SSC port, TVP needs to attract more customers besides VKS to increase the company's profit. I know that it is very difficult to prioritize VKS vessels and to promptly handle other customers' vessels but I hope you try and be skillful in handling aiming to increase the profits of TVP and increase the utilization rate of the port.


The company is made up of many teams and departments. Each team, each department has many people doing different jobs. Of course, I think there are many people who work in different positions but the goal of all of you is the same to make company grow and all members of the company happy. Because of that goal, I always listen to your opinions, discuss together to exchange ideas. It is necessary to know whether the job is for the company, whether it is necessary for the company and how to build an organization in harmony with close and reliable connection and work together to achieve the goal. Because of this reason, General Director of the company, Mr. Miyamura is always ready to listen to all of you. I hope that as General Director, Mr. Miyamura should lead and create a strong and united team.


5S including: Seiri (Sort), Seiton (Systematize), Seiso (Sweep), Seiketsu (Santize) and Shitsuke (Self-discipline) are 5 bases for evaluating the quality of Japan. These are the standards for evaluating the difference between first-class and second-class companies. Not only well-known Japanese companies such as Toyota, Panasonic, Nidec but also many leaders and managers of other companies can still apply 5S in a normal way as it will help increase the value of their companies. In other words, even with good performance, quality, work compliance, if without 5S rule, those things can not be formed by the form only. The companies that apply 5S in a normal way without many difficulties will be first-class companies with the contribution of first-class employees and leaders. If possible, I hope you can apply 5S to your daily work.




I, President of KYOEI STEEL LTD., would like to have a few words of advice to you before finish. We have been pioneers in becoming a bridge for the friendship between Vietnam and Japan. We are not doing this for the profits of KYOEI STEEL LTD. only. The founder of the company, Mr. Koichi Takashima wanted to use iron and steel to contribute to the economic development of Vietnam, from the bottom of his heart, he strongly determined to contribute to improving the lives and bringing happiness to the poor and poor families in Vietnam. Therefore, we decided to invest 5 billion Yen in this project (approximately VND 1,000 billion). I desire the current management team of Kyoei to also have the same purpose, the same think to continue striving at work. For that reason, I always think how to do well and properly. I have 2 things that are extremely important to me. Firstly, you are Vietnamese and we are Japanese who have to join hands to build a strong relationship based on the principles of honesty and equality. And the second thing is that no matter what happens, in order to continue promoting business in a volatile and complex market, KYOEI Group must become stronger than ever. For example, no matter how difficult the business in Vietnam is, the establishments in Japan or in the United States must continue to try to support the development of the corporation for long-term goals. We can build such a structure and collective. If the three-pole system including Vietnam, Japan and the United States works well, no matter what happens, not only you can protect TVP, but you can also protect your family. Today, establishments in Japan of KYOEI Group are still the major contributor to the development of the whole corporation but if possible, in the near future, I hope not only TVP but also all of the subsidiaries in Vietnam will join and become the motive force in the development of KYOEI group. And I hope we can become a big bridge connecting friendship between Vietnam and Japan. Although, I am currently working at the corporate headquarters but I want to support you as much as possible. Please make full advantage of your ability and capacity under the management of Mr. Akio Miyamura.


Finally, I wish all of you and your family healthy and happy.


Thank you!

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