Compliance & Anti-coruption

Compliance of law and anti-corruption are the top policies of TVP aiming to direct all employees to act honestly and ethically in all business transactions of the company as well as strictly comply with all regulations of current laws. This is to create a fair, transparent and professional working and business environment.


Corruption is the act of giving or receiving any valuable item in the form of direct or through intermediaries to make the recipient feels satisfied and accepts to help the giver to commit illegal acts. The term “valuable item” includes but is not limited to the following:


- Cash or cash equivalents (including gift cards);

- Performing services that normally require a fee or purchase;

- Gift;

- Favorable or biased contract;

- Medical, education or living expenses;

- Travel, accommodation, shopping or entertainment expenses.


Giving or receiving bribes is strictly prohibited at TVP. All Employees have responsibilities and obligations to conduct Company operations in an ethical and law-abiding manner. Employees who do not comply with this may be subject to disciplinary action, including the highest discipline of dismissal. Employees may also be subject to legal punishment and criminal prosecution, imprisonment.


In any event, if you detect the act of giving and receiving bribe or being asked to give bribe at TVP, please kindly notify us via Hotline: 02543 895807 or Email: We are committed to keeping all information confidential.

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